eVSM Examples : Plant Maps for Processing Industries

Quick Processing is one of eVSM’s Quick Stencils and supports plant level mapping of chemicals or food processing.

eVSM quick processing stencil for chemical or food processing industries

value stream map examples for chemical or food process industries

Ex 1: Increasing Capacity

To meet an increase in demand from 700 to 850 Cases a day, we can increase the Cycle Rate of Box Packaging to 600 kg/Hr with a small capital investment in the machinery. Will we be able to meet the new demand?


Ex 2: Relieving Bottlenecks

Can we relieve the bottleneck at Stamp Beans if we can run the station an extra 4 hours per day?


Ex 3: Setup Time

At the beginning of each production day, each process step undergoes a certain amount of Setup Time (consisting of cleaning, sanitization, preventive maintenance, etc.). The setup times are as follows: Make Slurry = 1 hour, Stamp Beans = 30 min., Box Packaging = 30 min. How does this affect Capacity?


Ex 4: Scrap and Giveaway

Stamp Beans has a Scrap Rate of 10% and Box Packaging has a Giveaway Rate of 3%. Is the process still capable of meeting demand? How much additional Slurry will be needed per day?