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eVSM Mix - Annual Site License

eVSM Mix is the best, simplest mixed model value stream mapping software in the Industry. It's unique Mix engine removes the user 'averaging' of products, demand, cycle times, and routing that make many mixed model maps redundant or of limited value.

eVSM Mix is available at a company level and at a division level for larger companies. It is not available as single user licenses other than for 30 day evaluation purposes. Click here for details.

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MIX03 eVSM Mix - Small Site Annual License

This license is limited in availability to plants or single sites with less than 500 total employees. The eVSM Mix - Small Site License allows installation on up to 5 PC's at the site. Software usage is limited to employees at the site working on on value streams related to the site. The license includes access to eLearning, software updates, and technical support.

MIX05 eVSM Mix - Additional Seat for Site License

For existing site license holders which have exceeded max installation limit and wish to add additional installations. The additional installation seats will be synchronized into the existing site license and will expire when the current site license expires.

EVSM07 eVSM Mix - Annual Academic License

eVSM is used at several educational institutes today as part of OpEx and Lean curriculum. In support of this we offer A 12-month student license of eVSM Mix 

The academic license is intended for educational use only and restricted to full-time students and full-time teachers at accredited higher education institutions. It MAY NOT be used for commercial work.

Faculty should contact us (support@evsm.com) to discuss the comprehensive associated elearning and test materials available with eVSM Mix for easy inclusion into academic courses

eVSM is an add-on to Microsoft Visio. Visio is not included in eVSM and needs to be acquired/installed before installing eVSM. See system requirements for eVSM.

EVSM01 eVSM Standard - New License

A new license of eVSM Standard software, including 1 year of maintenance, upgrades, technical support, and access to eVSM's simulation based eLearning system (eLeanor).

eVSM Standard is our legacy software and is maintained for existing users and those with single product dedicated value streams. It will be phased out over time. See eVSM Mix for the current generation software that allows mapping of  both dedicated and mixed model (multi-product or product variants) value streams.

EVSM02 eVSM Standard - Latest Version Upgrade

This option is for users with eVSM Standard licenses that are not on a current maintenance plan. It allows upgrade to the latest version of eVSM Standard from the prior two versions. Note that it is NOT an upgrade to the eVSM Mix software. The upgrade fee includes elearning access, support and updates for a year.

EVSM03 eVSM Standard - Annual Maintenance Renewal

Annual maintenance renewal for eVSM Standard includes updates, support, and access to eLearning

EVSM21 The Book of Value Stream Maps I

Book - Hard copy with spiral binding

Title : Plant Level Maps for Discrete Parts and Assemblies. 

This book written by members of the eVSM Group identifies common problems in value stream mapping at the plant level, and shows how you can solve them to better support a lean deployment. It outlines the key metrics, calculations, and visuals for understanding and for standardizing the usage of value stream maps.