eVSM Mix - Annual Academic License

eVSM is used at several educational institutes today as part of OpEx and Lean curriculum. In support of this we offer A 12-month student license of eVSM Mix.

The academic license is intended for educational use only and restricted to full-time students at accredited higher education institutions. It may not be used for commercial work.

Faculty should contact us (support@evsm.com) to discuss the comprehensive associated elearning and test materials available with eVSM Mix for easy inclusion into academic courses.

The academic license is available only from the publishers of the eVSM Software, which is the eVSM Group, wholly owned by GumshoeKI, Inc. It is not available from any other source.

The academic license is not transferrable to another user or another PC. Once activated on a PC, it will stay active for 12 months from the date of purchase. At the end of this period, the license will expire, and the eVSM functionality will no longer be available.

eVSM is an add-on to Microsoft Visio. Visio is not included in eVSM and needs to be acquired/installed before installing eVSM. See system requirements for eVSM.

Price: $150.00