eVSM Release Notes

v8 Known Issues

  1. In the Quick Manufacturing stencil, there is an error in the Resource Utilization calculation. This will be fixed in version 8.20 that will be released in April 2015.

v7.30 Known Issues

  1. The Quick Manufacturing Network and the Quick Processing Network stencils have an issue with the application of sequence arrows because the data for the sequence arrows becomes unglued. Please contact support@evsm.com if you are using this stencil and need a workaround, The problem is fixed in our dev environment and will be released for eVSM v8.1.
  2. In Visio 2010, using the "Auto Tag" button in the eVSM toolbar may create an error message related to stack overflow. If this happens, please exit Visio and re-open the file and try the Auto Tag button again.
  3. If any of the eVSM toolbar buttons are taking an excessive amount of time to complete it's action, your file may be corrupt and needs to be repaired. Follow the steps below:

    a. Click OK if an error dialog appears and leave the Visio file open (this is important).

    b. Save and exit the Visio file. Re-open your Visio map file and verify the speed of the button's functionality.

    c. Open a Windows Explorer, and navigate to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\eVSM\Setup\Resources" folder.

    d. In the above folder, open the RepairVBA.xls file. If prompted, enable macros.

    e. Click the "Repair Open / Active eVSM File" button in the file. When the repair operation is done, exit the Excel file.

    f. Save the Visio file and close it, then re-open the file.

  4. If after using the Auto Path button in the eVSM toolbar, there are more than 50 paths on your map, the Solve button will not be able to run.

v7.25 Known Issues

  1. If you get an error while trying to edit a Kaizen Starburst via the right-mouse menu option of "Edit Kaizen", make sure the Kaizen ID tag shape has not become unglued or deleted. If you are unsure, just drag out a new starbust from the Quick Extras stencil.