eVSM Release Notes

eVSM v12.41 - 6-May-2024

  • Critical bug fix for Milk Run

eVSM v12.40 - 28-Mar-2024

  • Updated code-signing signature on all files affected.
  • Bug fixes for eLeanor exercises and charts.

eVSM v12.39 - 7-Dec-2023

  • Fixed a problem with Repeat center calculations.

eVSM v12.38 - 6-Dec-2023

  • Added Repeat center to Mix Manufacturing. Allows modeling of equipment/stations which are used multiple times in the value stream.
  • Enhanced logging of license activation messages in the AbouteVSM.log file.

eVSM v12.37 - 28-Nov-2023

  • Updated License Manager dialog messages for time-limited licenses
  • Fixed an equation corruption problem
  • Updated equation migration code
  • Fixed a problem with incomplete equations in stencil maker

eVSM v12.36 - 10-Nov-2023

  • Several Eleanor engine fixes
  • Updated validation file for eVSM Standard products
  • CreateXL now outputs Excel in same format for Mix and Standard applications
  • Added Eleanor course for ERP Data Import

eVSM v12.35 - 25-Oct-2023

  • Mix Trans routes and paths highlighting problem fixed
  • Mix Trans missing data in the Route and Paths dialog problem fixed

eVSM v12.34 - 23-Oct-2023

  • Fixed Managed equations corruption with units change
  • Rebuilt Mix Supply Network stencils to replace corrupt equations
  • Updated License Manager dialog messages for license expiry
  • Fixed Solver overflow problem

eVSM v12.33 - 11-Oct-2023

  • Added error tracking for Solver overflow problem

eVSM v12.32 - 26-Sep-2023

  • Fixed a problem with fetching license expiration date from server
  • Fixed a Quick Changeover glue problem
  • Fixed an ERP Import values/units problem

eVSM v12.31 - 20-Sep-2023

  • Fixed a bug in trail distance calculation
  • Fixed several problems with Mix Create XL and Import XL functions

eVSM v12.30 - 11-Sep-2023

  • Fixed Piggy Bank calculation for Mix Supply Network
  • Fixed Kaizen Export problem with glued kaizen bursts Clouds

eVSM v12.26 - 9-Aug-2023

  • Fixed miscellaneous migration problems
  • Enhanced Solver error reporting
  • Eliminated Check button in toolbar. Check functions are now handled with Solve.

eVSM v12.25 - 2-Aug-2023

  • Map Move function improvements
  • Added Category calculations function
  • Miscellaneous Mix Transactional enhancements and fixes

eVSM v12.24 - 21-Jul-2023

  • Extended Mix Transactional Route Table to show 40 rows
  • Miscellaneous Mix Transactional enhancements and fixes
  • Fixed Hide/Show bug
  • Path filter flying connector problem fixed

eVSM v12.23 - 11-Jul-2023

  • Fixed Excel Solver error
  • Improved error reporting
  • Fixed % problem with hidden values on Solve

eVSM v12.11 - 14-Dec-2022

  • Internationalization fixes
  • Migration fixes

eVSM v12.03 - 31-Aug-2022

  • Made fixes to make Mix Trans work with charting and UI.

eVSM v12.01 - 19-Aug-2022

  • Moved eVSM files to Visio xml document format
  • Implemented a new, much faster solver library
  • Added category handling to solver

eVSM v11.77 - 2-Aug-2022

  • Final v11 release. Includes some minor bug fixes.

eVSM v11.75 - 21-Jun-2022

  • Mix Processing - Added Fibre spool capacity calculation.
  • Mix Processing - Fixed Batch CO per period equation so that it does not count both batch CO and campaign CO for the last batch.

eVSM v11.74 - 29-Apr-2022

  • Fixed File Restore (Map Clean) to retain page units set by user

eVSM v11.73 - 27-Apr-2022

  • Mix Processing - Allowed unit weight specification at customer center.
  • Transactional Pro - Fixed a bug in route viewer.

eVSM v11.72 - 20-Apr-2022

  • Fixed a Korean region specific problem with Hide/Show (Views).

eVSM v11.73 - 27-Apr-2022

  • Mix Processing - Allowed unit weight specification at customer center.
  • Transactional Pro - Fixed a bug in route viewer.

eVSM v11.72 - 20-Apr-2022

  • Fixed a Korean region specific problem.

eVSM v11.71 - 9-Apr-2022

  • Improved eVSM login stability.

eVSM v11.70 - 28-Mar-2022

  • Fixed a bug in Mix Manager where updating exploded product values caused an error.
  • Fixed a bug where after Map Restore, visibility settings weren’t being applied to new centers.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Beta Solver stopped the ribbon working.
  • Fixed gadget update with Beta Solver, and set up comm. circle and spaghetti solvers to button.
  • Migration now preserves shape text block size and location.
  • Added a new web communication library that should be more reliable on corporate networks.

eVSM v11.68 - 8-Feb-2022

  • Quick Supply Network - Extended "calculated inventory" equation to account for average transit inventory.
  • Quick Mix Manufacturing - Added Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) calculation.
  • All Mix applications - Added the application title (like Mix Manufacturing) in the corresponding product matrix spreadsheet.

eVSM v11.67 - 14-Jan-2022

  • New VSM Dashboard application
  • ‘Restore File’ button now has better support for VSDX and VSDM format.
  • Simplified image source dialog by eliminating whole pages from list.
  • Fixed a chart update problem after solve for Mix maps.
  • Open Issue: Calculating longest lead times for Transactional maps.

eVSM v11.66 - 21-Dec-2021

  • Text blocks on Kaizen charts now scale when the chart is scaled.
  • Fixed a bug with unicode values and units on hidden variables.
  • Changed Map Clean button to Map Restore.

eVSM v11.65 - 8-Dec-2021

  • Fixed Transactional Pro solver performance problem with merging of splits/joins
  • Performance improvement to Transactional Pro - automatically reduce sample size if there are no decisions on the map.
  • Updated all the eVSM base shape stencils to add some missing right-mouse-button menus

eVSM v11.64 - 20-Oct-2021

  • Fixed beta external solve not updating visible multi product calculated NVUs
  • Added model checks to external solver to abort solve and report problem
  • Fixed variable visibility problem with Mix Supply Network migration
  • Fixed problem of Map Clean defaulting to Quick Time stencil

eVSM v11.63 - 5-Oct-2021

  • Beta external solver button will now update charts and gadgets, and will report external solver errors
  • Project resource chart will now auto-scale the y axis based on the max number of resources calculated
  • No longer adding tags/paths to Trace icons when dropped out, unless they have associated data (especially effects copy/paste of trace centers)
  • Fixed a source/target error with % values
  • Reduced security risk by eliminated VBA code from eVSM Drawing files.

eVSM v11.61 - 15-Sep-2021

  • Eliminated login prompt at eVSM startup
  • Fixed a bug with source/target maps, where % values were transferred over incorrectly
  • Updated right-mouse-button menu for Mix QuickTime application
  • Added resource by product variable to resource center with supporting equation, resource summary variables, and equations and resource utilization chart to Plant Mix Manufacturing Application

eVSM v11.59 - 31-Aug-2021

  • Fixed bug (Quick Mix Mfg) in production EPEI time when activity time did not match plant time
  • Added check for duplicate operation tags for Auto Path
  • Fixed a #bug with NUM's having multiple sets with the same alias data - alias tables were not being reset when reading multiple sets
  • Improved description of Split/Join function in training materials for Quick Transactional Pro

eVSM v11.56 - 21-May-2021

  • Modified Map Clean to preserve print properties (paper size, etc...)
  • Made a further fix for vsdx file repair (Map Clean)

eVSM v11.55 - 3-May-2021

  • Fixed problem with Image Source/Target for Quick Transactional Pro
  • Fixed a problem with chart plottiing where the bottom of the background shape didn't cover the base of the chart

eVSM v11.54 - 13-Apr-2021

  • Fixed issue of "Open" dialog being presented after Map Clean
  • Fixed problem of filenames including ".vs" could not complete Map Clean
  • Fixed problem of Views changes shifting datashapes' location on Resource arrows
  • Fixed problem of Views setting not obeyed after file exit and re-open
  • Fixed problem of large font auto-size in the Resource Balance chart in WizProject

eVSM v11.53 - 2-Apr-2021

  • Fixed project resource charting bug where calculated fields from a solve were not being used on update
  • Removed use of ExecuteLine utility in the user ribbon, as a recent Visio/Windows Update has disabled use of that function
  • Fixed problem with stacked shapes icon picker form
  • Fixed problem with Map Clean in Visio 2019
  • Added option for processing time input to drive cycle time calculation on Mix Mfg. Activity staff add-on
  • Added option for 'scheduled time' input if its above cycle time. This impacts VA, NVA calculation at an activity

eVSM v11.52 - 26-Mar-2021

  • Fixed migration issues for eVSM Standard stencils
  • Fixed Kaizen Export error
  • Fixed an error with calculations where error values were not being applied to calculated values
  • Made some speed optimizations on the internal solver; calculation should be significantly faster, depending on the size of the map
  • New code signing certificate from DigiCert. Valid until May 2024

eVSM v11.51 - 20-Mar-2021

  • Error on product matrix import and re-stack variables button in eVSM toolbar tied to ExecLine function fixed
  • Fixes error in milk run calculations
  • Fix to migration issues with supplier center

eVSM v11.50 - 17-Mar-2021

  • Improved Solve performance by ~10%
  • Removed multi-machine add-on from Quick Mix Manufacturing application
  • Fixed an equation related to Sum Activity Period Cost for Mix Supply Network
  • Implemented an Activity staffing add-on for Mix Mfg to allow cycle time to be calculated from fixed and flexible staffing. Applicable to manual assembly operations with multiple staff on large products

eVSM v11.48 - 20-Feb 2021

  • Fixed a bug in the "map clean" function that was causing large delays with vsdm files
  • Fixed an equation related to cost for Mix Supply Network

eVSM v11.47 - 11-Feb-2021

  • Added new activity time constraint for projects application
  • Fixed bug in lead time chart for arrow values
  • Created new lead time chart for projects application

eVSM v11.43 - 13-Nov-2020

  • Fixed a severe bug in Solve which occurred when writing some hidden Mix variables
  • Fixed an eLeanor bug with Mix exercises, where it tries to write path numbers to locked pages
  • Made various fixes for Migration and Map Move
  • Made fixes to Mix Excel Import where some data wasn't being reflected properly on the map after import

eVSM v11.42 - 29-Oct-2020

  • Sped up Highlight Sets tool considerably by utilizing product cache data
  • Modified Auto Seq button to automatically recognize connections to Product Set Centers, and automatically link from the last non-set center in the selection. This speeds up sequencing so it can be done in a single multi-selection and button click
  • Fixed automatic notice for map clean, which was appearing on non-eVSM Visio files
  • Modified licensing code to check for updated Mix activation keys and automatically register them, when a Mix license gets renewed
  • Made a fix to the Error dialog, which was having problems copying to the clipboard on many PC's
  • Made over 15 fixes in different areas of the software, including eLeanor, hidden data, and migration

eVSM v11.39 - 8-Sep-2020

  • Added support for 'Format by Example' on centers, where text font and color, and shape fill, apply across the page from an exemplar center
  • Modified XL Report tool to work with Mix maps - puts out values by product
  • Added Category Filtering (learn more)
  • Bug fix for image source/target which had broken the link after file repair
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes

eVSM v11.34 - 17-Jul-2020

  • The eVSM Open dialog categories now match the categories on the eVSM help site. This should make it easier to find the application stencil you're looking for. Also, the search function has been modified to provide better results.
  • Solve now repairs sequence arrow glues when they're connected to a center, but not to the row tag shape.
  • The Map Copy dialog now allows you to copy only the selected centers, and lets you more easily specify where to copy to (same page, new page, other/new document)            
  • Added a save counter for files, by default every 5 saves eVSM will prompt you to Clean your file, to prevent the file getting corrupted by Visio. You can turn this off or change the interval in eVSM's settiings dialog (any negatiive number turns it off)
  • Modified Icon Search to wait for the Search button to be clicked instead of auto-searching
  • Modified file save functions to work with the local OneDrive folder, when applicable
  • Various localization and other miscellaneous bugs