eVSM License Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my license to a new PC or another user?

Regardless of which version of eVSM you own, you can transfer it to another PC or to another user within your company (eVSM license is not transferrable between companies). For transfer policy and steps, see:  www.evsm.com/transfer

What version of eVSM is my license for?

If your license is on active maintenance, you can download the latest version of eVSM at anytime from: www.evsm.com/evsm-software-download-latest-version. If your license is not on active maintenance, then it is locked on the version your purchased, or the version that installed when your maintenance expired. If your maintenance has expired, you can request what version you are entitled to via Email to support@evsm.com.

How can I check my license maintenance status?

When you register your license, you receive an activation key via Email. Your license maintenance expiry date is near the bottom of this Email. Also, any other communication from support@evsm.com regarding your license, contain this information. Or just send your license key to support@evsm.com and ask.

Where can I view the eVSM End-user License Agreement?

The end-user license agreement (EULA) can be viewed in your eVSM installation folder. The current EULA (for the latest version of eVSM is available at: www.evsm.com/EULA.

How can I upgrade my license?

If your license is on active maintenance, you can upgrade to the latest version of eVSM at www.evsm.com/evsm-software-download-latest-version. Otherwise you can purchase an upgrade to the latest version at: www.evsm.com/buy-evsm-software-products.

Where can I find the Product Key for my license?

When you purchased your license, you will have received your product key via Email. If you received eVSM on a CD, then the product key (previously called License Number) can be found on the jewel case of the CD. The product key is also listed in all Emails regarding your license from support@evsm.com. If you still cannot locate your product key, please request help from support@evsm.com.

Can I check who else has eVSM at my company?

Yes, just send a request to support@evsm.com. This information is company confidential, so we will verify the request is from a current company employee.

Does eVSM support site or network licensing?

eVSM does not currently offer network licensing.

How do I register my license?

You can register your license here.

How do I activate my license?

In the Windows Start menu, click "Start>Programs>eVSM Software>About eVSM". Click the Activate License button and enter the activation key.

I have not received my license or activation keys for eVSM.

Contact support@evsm.com.