“With the new eVSM Mix software, we can build mixed model maps to capture variations in process flow, cycle time and other critical process parameters for the product family.  This allows us to use real demand scenarios to [see or quantify] the impact on the entire value stream in terms of resource capacity, lead time and line balance. The Mix capability is the greatest thing to happen to value stream mapping since the original eVSM software.”

Brad Campling, Managing Partner, Stream Improvement Services, LLC

I was impressed with the online help screens, and created a sample VSM in about an hour. The software is greatly improved. WOW! With a little more practice I felt comfortable working with the client. The result of an all day session gathering the information was a VSM illustrating over 70 sequential steps – activities and queue time. Nineteen 8.5 x 11 pages. Very nice! The client was impressed and we looked good. Great customer service!

Dave Hollinger, Lean Specialist

I recently downloaded a 30 day free trial of the eVSM software and participated in an online intro to the tool. I was very impressed with the host and as he went through the tool's capabilities, it was quick to see how powerful the application is in capturing, analyzing, and visually improving value stream mapping. The session was well paced with plenty of time to ask questions and get familiar with the available templates. Further to this, the eVSM host and the website offer great links and reference material to help with the use of the application and sharing valuable information to further gain knowledge and improve skills with VSM. I would encourage anyone interested in the software to ensure they attend the free webinar and introduction training as it truly is worth the time and will open doors to better utilize the templates and resources and share VSM practices.

Miranda Valinskas, Supply Chain Transformation Executive

The trainer was amazing and helped tremendously. I learned so much from him and with his help was able to remap our company VSM to be even better. I have nothing but praise for him and your company. You all have helped so much and I definitely will be bringing this up to my senior manager of how great you all have been. I don't think there is anything negative to say about my meeting. The trainer showed me more information than I could ask for, thank you for your help!!

Josh Dietz, Technical Illustrator

All who were in attendance in today's demonstration were very impressed with the program and its capabilities.  As for myself, I was very pleased to see how easy it is to make maps with all the canned functions.  I have been struggling to get things to work and this will make it 1000% better.

Jim Hamilton, Manufacturing Engineer

MMTC uses eVSM to draw high level value stream and detailed process maps, however the real benefit to our clients is its ability to measure a process using both time and cost.  eVSM bridges the gap between Visio and Excel and provides a way to show both what is going on and what it costs before assuming that a change will benefit our clients. eVSM is what we use to capture, analyze, and improve these critical aspects of any process.

Robert Stauffer, Lean Program Manager

Prior to the training I was curious if a 'sales pitch' would be part of the course, but figured that I would try it anyway; this was not the case at all! The goal of the session was genuinely to train me (a new user) to be familiar with the new tool. Any Lean respecting professional will appreciate that, not only is the service honest, but helps to reduce the learning curve significantly. How efficient! I only wish I had come prepared with some questions - that would be my advice for future participants; make the most of it! Questions are encouraged!

Christine Lee, Industrial Engineer

I was impressed with the power of the application, and is totally easy to work with. I am intrigued with its power and seamless integration with Excel. Very Powerful. This was a great investment. It was a pleasure to work with you and I really appreciate the customer focus that you exhibited.

Fred Cannon, Packaging Engineering Manager

I encourage everyone who deals with service value streams to get familiar with these [Quick] templates. The templates will greatly improve your producitvity, define value stream problems better, and communicate messages to the customer with more impact. Great work! Major enhancement! 

Patrick Dugan, Managing Principal

The customer service that you have provided are great examples of what “Think Customer” and “Win Consistently”, 2 of the behaviors we look for and try to achieve within K-C.  Keep up the great work!

Ryan Reed, Global Continuous Improvement Team

With the use of the eVSM software, my productivity in developing process maps and value stream maps has increased 10x. The ease of use of the software not only saves time, but also embeds standardization across the users of the software (e.g., my staff of engineers). The computerized output of the process map or value stream map allows the user to pose different scenarios and run sensitivity analyses - something that was inconceivable to me prior to eVSM. Overall, the software has increased our value to our clients while providing a ten-fold productivity improvement in generating detailed process maps and value stream maps.

Dave Levine, Executive Vice President