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Nancy Such LSSBB

Such Lean Solutions LLC



How do we know Nancy?

We started working with Nancy while she was a Continuous Improvement Leader at Viant Medical. She has became an expert eVSM user and advised us on improvements to the software to facilitate its usage for line balancing amongst other topics. She is pragmatic about the usage of eVSM and other tools and methods (some cultural and not all electronic) to enable process improvement. She has a great grasp on the different moving parts of CI and how they work together having been involved in the field on multiple improvement projects over many years.

Nancy's Background & Services

I have over 35 years of experience as a Continuous Improvement Leader and Lean Facilitator in Medical Device Manufacturing. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Lean Professional, I specialize in supporting new product development and waste reduction efforts on existing products.

One of my areas of expertise is facilitating Kaizen workshops with cross-functional teams to identify significant, quantifiable savings through process improvement, product flow analysis, SMED, line balance, and other Lean techniques. By working closely with onsite teams, we can capture collective knowledge, digitize it, and leverage it to make critical improvements that drive cost reduction efforts.

I strongly believe that small changes made in strategic areas can lead to substantial dollar savings once organizations learn to see their processes. 

Whether organizations need remote or onsite support, I'm available to help them on their Lean Journey. I can provide expertise in new product development, waste reduction, and process improvement to help organizations achieve their goals.


Scott Chaiken

Scott Solutions LLC.


Scott Chaiken, Founder & Director, Scott Solutions LLC.



How do we know Scott?

We worked with Scott while he was Associate Director of Lean and Six Sigma Continuous improvement at Kraft Foods. Over the ensuing 10 years, Scott has become one of our ‘power’ users, extending eVSM usage into all areas of value stream improvement at both supply network and facility levels. He has provided guidance for us as we enhance the software based on his practical work with multiple clients (see below). 

Scott's Background & Services

Scott has 45 years’ experience providing organizational performance improvement with thought leadership, and hands-on execution, in both commercial and defense industries. His areas of expertise include, business process re-engineering, change management, and continuous process improvement, using Systems Thinking, Value Stream Management, and Lean and Six Sigma techniques. Scott has successfully blended technical expertise with operational experience particularly in the manufacturing, distribution, business-transaction and back-office and information systems environments.  Scott is a lifelong learner and studying in the MIT MicroMasters Program for Supply Chain Management including IoT, Machine Learning and Data Sciences.

Scott has focused on almost every area of the supply chain from the product concept and development end of the cycle through product portfolio management, strategic sourcing, advanced manufacturing engineering, manufacturing operations, warehousing and distribution, field support and finally, product end-of-life process management. He has worked in the heavy-capital good, job-shop scheduling (GE and clients); automotive industry, product development through vehicle launch (clients: Ford, GM, other); food/consumer packaged goods (Kraft Foods; clients - Keurig, Impossible Foods, Johnsonville); brewing (Heineken), financial services (GMAC, several Wall Street firms); chemical processes (ICI, DuPont); and Electronics (DEC and IBM). 


LeanCor Supply Chain Group


Robert Martichenko, Founder & CEO


How do we know LeanCor & Robert Martichenko

The eVSM Group has a mission to develop software in support of the Lean workbooks from the Lean Enterprise Institute and including Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream written by Robert Martichenko. Robert is the founder and CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group and we have visited the HQ (only an hour from our office) to establish a collaborative relationship and have offered eVSM for usage by LeanCor's consulting division.  The eVSM Group is part of LeanCor's trusted partner network. In our meetings with LeanCor, we could not fail to be impressed by the quality of the people, and the culture that the organization has worked hard to establish. Robert himself, in addition to his leadership role with LeanCor, is a professional speaker and award-winning author in business, supply chain, and fiction 

LeanCor Supply Chain Group Services

LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a trusted partner with a mission to advance the world’s supply chains.  LeanCor’s three integrated brands – LeanCor Training and Education, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Logistics – specialize in lean principles to help organizations across a wide array of industries eliminate waste, drive down costs, and build operational excellence. 

eVSM Partner Peter Jahn - Owner and Senior Consultant at Rawstuff, Co-Founder & Director at QRM Institute Danmark,  QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) Lean, Demand Flow Technology.  Trained in the QRM concept of Rajan Suri at the QRM Center in Madison, WI and QRM Certified.  director of QRM Europe.


Peter Jahn, Owner & Senior Consultant, Co-Founder & Director at QRM Institute Danmark




How do we know Peter?

Peter contacted us when he started his consulting group, Rawstuff, over a decade ago.  He has become a distributor of the software, sets up training courses for eVSM in Europe and has guided much of the development over the years.  He is pragmatic and has experience in different types of improvement initiatives and methodologies.  Peter is never afraid to try new things or mix methodologies in solving a client’s problem.  He has become a great friend and does a lot of work in QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) as a director of QRM Europe.

Peter's Background & Services

Peter has over 20 years of national and international experience in production management, project management and product development for medium and large companies, supplemented with 10 years of experience as management consultant in quality management, Lean, Demand Flow Technology and latest QRM. Trained in the QRM concept of Rajan Suri at the QRM Center in Madison, WI and QRM Certified.  Peter is part of the European QRM Institute, which consists of QRM experts from all over Europe.  The purpose of the Institute is to develop and promote Quick Response Manufacturing, to establish knowledge sharing between national borders and to carry out pan-European projects.

eVSM Partner David G. Hollinger CPIM, CSCP, EA, Six Sigma Greenbelt,  supply network application in eVSM, supply chain management, lean and flow manufacturing techniques, system implementation, and change management. MRP II & ERP systems  certified APICS Instructor for CPIM & CSCP courses. Six Sigma Greenbelt

Prime Business Group

David Hollinger




How do we know David ?

We first came across David on our support lines and soon learned to pay close attention to the maps, questions, and improvement suggestions he sends us. His feedback has always been professional and thorough and he is a power user of eVSM and for each of the main applications that eVSM provides. He became one of the first users of the recently released supply network application in eVSM. Many enhancements in the software originate with his insight.

In speaking with him, what's more impressive than his knowledge of the software and his knowledge of manufacturing and improvement methodologies overall, is his ability to to visualize and solve clients problems. A testament to the sheer number of problems in this space that he has solved in the past.

David's Background & Services

David G. Hollinger is a manufacturing expert in the areas of supply chain management, lean and flow manufacturing techniques, system implementation, and change management.  Mr. Hollinger has led manufacturing projects in the US, Canada, and the UK. 

With particularly broad experience in all phases of business, Mr. Hollinger has specialized in small to medium size businesses, involving discrete and process production.  As a manufacturing consultant, he has implemented MRP II & ERP systems in over 45 companies.  He has introduced Lean Manufacturing and ERP/MRP techniques to many companies, and spoke on “ERP & Lean Systems” at the Lean Mfg Seminar. 

Currently, he works with small to medium size companies, helping them improve profits and productivity using a variety of “Learn – Do” classes.  He has taught at several local colleges, and is a certified APICS Instructor for CPIM & CSCP courses.

Mr. Hollinger studied Electrical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He has been a member and held APICS CPIM certification since 1990.  He has a lean certificate from NIST, NJMEP, & DVIRC.  He obtained a Six Sigma Greenbelt certification in 2004.  He is also an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), and is a certified APICS Master Instructor for both CPIM & CSCP.

eVSM Partner Peter King - President, Lean Dynamics LLC, Lean for the Process Industries book, Lean manufacturing techniques for process industry which include food, chemicals, and pharma. Continuous Flow Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing assignments. Six Sigma Green Belt certified

Lean Dynamics LLC



Process Industry Value Stream mapping books by Peter King

How do we know Peter?

We first became aware of Peter King's work when we were working with Sara Lee to apply VSM to production within a food processing facility. Our initial approach of employing typical discrete manufacturing concepts was very hard to apply and the maps were hard for people to relate to. That is when we discovered Peter King and his first book, "Lean for the Process Industries". After a few months of learning from this publication, we created a specific version of VSM for processing industries.  That proved very successful and it has now been adopted by many of our clients in the process industry space which include food, chemicals, and pharma.

Peter is a lean trainer and consultant with decades of experience in the industry.  He recently co-authored a second book, "Value Stream Mapping in Process Industries" . We were fortunate to meet with Peter in 2016 and together, we mapped out the case studies (plant and supply network) in the book using eVSM. His leadership, enthusiasm, and lean experience on both technical and cultural aspects is apparent in any conversation with him, and we are proud to have him as a partner.

Peter's Background & Services

Peter L. King is the president of Lean Dynamics, LLC, a manufacturing improvement consulting firm located in Newark, DE. Prior to founding Lean Dynamics, Pete spent 42 years with the DuPont Company, in a variety of control systems, manufacturing systems engineering, Continuous Flow Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing assignments. That included 18 years applying Lean Manufacturing techniques to a wide variety of products, including sheet goods like DuPont™ Tyvek ®, Sontara®, and Mylar®; fibers such as nylon, Dacron®, Lycra®, and Kevlar®; automotive paints; performance lubricants; bulk chemicals; adhesives; electronic circuit board substrates; and biological materials used in human surgery. On behalf of DuPont, Pete has consulted with key customers in the processed food and carpet industries. Pete retired from DuPont in 2007, leaving a position as Principal Consultant in the Lean Center of Competency. Recent clients have included producers of sheet goods, lubricants and fuel additives, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and polyethylene and polypropylene pellets. Pete received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, graduating with honors. He is Six Sigma Green Belt certified (DuPont, 2001), Lean Manufacturing certified (University of Michigan, 2002), and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS, 2010).

"eVSM Partner Joe Sabo - MBB and Lean Consultant, Taylor Consulting Enterprises, LLC, 6 Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean thinking deployment Value stream mapping facilitation, eVSM training and application "

Taylor Consulting Enterprises, LLC

Joe Sabo



Value Stream mapping deployment and training

How do we know Joe?

Joe Sabo is a Master Black Belt and industry veteran of 40+ years. We grew to know Joe very well as he took on the role of technical and deployment leader for eVSM at CAT during his last 5 years before his retirement in late 2015. He drove technical functionality in eVSM, established long-term strategy, and worked with us to create outstanding deployment materials. He was consistently hands-on with the product and always provided thoughtful suggestions for improvements. Our relationship started when he represented our largest customer..             

Over time, it has evolved to one where his character, experience, hard work, and integrity really make him a mentor for our entire group. Unsurprisingly for us all, since his "retirement", Joe is working as hard as ever in lean consulting roles across the globe. He continues to guide us as we enhance our product to serve the lean community. Joe was the first to review and provide detailed feedback on the manufacturing mapping "skill" in our new eLearning certification module, eLeanor, and has helped enhance the training materials throughout their development. We are proud of his friendship and value his guidance of our group.

Services Joe Offers

  • Lean thinking and deployment in assembly and manufacturing areas as well as OEM dealer stores
  • Value stream mapping facilitation, training and leverage in a deployment
  • eVSM training and application
  • Support of lean projects by mentoring new project leader

Joe's Background

  • BSME from Cleveland State University
  • 43 years management experience at Caterpillar Inc in product design, product assembly, operations planning and lean
  • 6 Sigma Black Black managing projects that eliminated variation in processes resulting in over $8M in savings
  • 6 Sigma Master Black Belt managing a team of Black Belts deploying the Caterpillar Production System resulting in bottom line savings of over $25M over a 5 year period
  • Developed, deployed and trained the value stream mapping standard (methodology and software) at Caterpillar worldwide
  • Advisor to the eVSM group supporting expansion of the software to a full lean tool kit
  • Deployment of CPS at Caterpillar dealers in Australia and New Zealand

eVSM Partner Kevin Hotaling - Vision Implementer at CPS Facilitation, certified in eVSM usage,  tools to support the lean practitioner community.  services for  Lean Manufacturing / 6 Sigma, Process Improvement, Cost Out, Team Building and Operational Excellence.

CPS Facilitation

Kevin Hotaling



CPS Facilitation Kevin Hotaling

How do we know Kevin?

We have done considerable work with the Solvay company and our eVSM deployment champion there is John Morgan. John and Kevin were former colleagues at GE and we asked to be introduced to Kevin based on John's very positive recommendation. Kevin has subsequently become certified in eVSM usage and started advising and collaborating with us on tools to support the lean practitioner community.

Kevin's Background & Services

Kevin's organization provides services for  Lean Manufacturing / 6 Sigma, Process Improvement, Cost Out, Team Building and Operational Excellence. He helps clients implement their corporate strategy, transform their core business and operations, prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda, and maximize operational efficiency.

Kevin's career has spanned more than two decades at GE Plastics and encompassed areas of customer service, inventory control, production scheduling, investment, productivity and cost out. In this areas he has held roles of workout leader, site facilitator, Demand Flow leader, CI leader, Visual factory leader, Certified Black Belt Distribution, and site materials manager. In these roles, he has developed a depth of knowledge in team-based problem solving, along with the tactical skills needed in manufacturing to be the catalyst for incremental continuous improvement. Having individual responsibilities, both in daily production and leadership roles, gives him a unique perspective when approaching problems specific to manufacturing in order to improve profitability.

Kevin believes in stakeholder analysis, assembling the right team, and using data to drive decision making. His actions are driven by the motto,  “What gets measured, gets done.”

It is this thinking which has led to these achievements:

  • Reduced recycle inventory levels from 12 Million lbs to 9.3 Million lbs (a 22% reduction in 6 months.)
  • Completed 8 six sigma projects: Annual benefits totaled $748 thousand dollars in Distribution Productivity in 1yr
  • Increased First Pass Yield which resulted in a  $1.5 Million dollar positive impact to the Site
  • Mentored 6 Six Sigma Greenbelts who delivered annual benefits $1.2 Million in supply chain productivity
  • Reduced inventory shipment errors by over 95%
  • Managed a $500 Thousand dollar Action Workout budget resulting in a $747 Thousand dollars in cost savings in 1 year
  • Designed a Visual Factory war room for the site that displayed all key metrics.  A focal point of a plant wide morning meeting for area managers
  • Reduced Recycle Inventory from 10.6 Million lbs to 3.8 Million lbs in 5 Months (a 64% reduction)
  • Developed a cross functional team that sold recycle scrap generating $494 Million in landfill cost elimination and incremental revenue

See http://cpsfacilitation.com for more details.