Value Stream Mapping with Remote Teams

Overview of Remote VSM

Now is an unsettled time for businesses around the world. You are probably busier than ever, and need to work to rapidly re-deploy or increase capacity, or navigate disruptions in your supply chains. Normally, these problems get addressed in person, with digital technology playing a supporting role. With people limiting travel and physical interaction, technology has to come forward to bridge the different roles needed to respond and plan for the current reality.

The eVSM Group has delivered two webinars demonstrating how remote teams can work together and tackle the three issues of collaboration, complexity and time associated with VSM events so the event can be run effectively in a remote environment. The first uses an example with a plant value stream map and the second with a supply network value stream. You can access transcripts for both of these events below:

Remote Plant Mapping - Transcript

Remote Supply Mapping - Transcript

The methodology is compelling and its digital roots should take hold even as we are able to have physical meetings again.  Facilitating remote value stream mapping sessions will take skill and adjustment, but the good news is you can apply continuous improvements to this process as well (which you probably do anyways!). There is no better time to look at improving and adapting our value streams and Remote VSM gives us a great means to do just that.

The digital tools used in Remote VSM are summarized and can be accessed here. They are highly affordable and can often be justified by the travel budget of just one VSM event !