Transfer eVSM License

eVSM Mix License

Simply un-install eVSM from the old PC, install it on the new PC (download install kit from, and activate the license on the new PC with your site license key.

Note: Your site license must be active (not expired) for this to work.

eVSM Standard License

Release license from old PC by clicking "Start>Programs>eVSM Software>About eVSM>Release License". If you have lost your old PC or if eVSM has already been un-installed from the old PC, you will need to request a license release from

Download the version you need from Note that only v9 and later versions may be transferred. eVSM v8 and earlier versions are no longer supported. If your license is on current active maintenance, you may install any version (v9 and later) you wish. If maintenance has expired, you can only install the version you had on the old PC.