Transfer eVSM License

The process below should be followed to transfer eVSM v9 (or later versions) licenses. If you have an older version of eVSM you wish to transfer, please visit

Steps to transfer eVSM v9 (or newer) license to a new PC

  1. Make sure you have your Product Key. You can retrieve this from your old PC before un-installing eVSM by clicking "Start>Programs>eVSM Software>About eVSM". If you have lost the old PC and your Product Key, please contact
  2. Release license from old PC by clicking "Start>Programs>eVSM Software>About eVSM>Release License". If you have lost your old PC or if eVSM has already been un-installed from the old PC, you will need to request a license release from
  3. Install eVSM on the new PC. You can download the installation kit from Be sure to download the version your license is for. If unsure, request your license details from
  4. Start eVSM and activate the Product Key on the new PC.


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