Simplifying Data Collection and Map Capture

eVSM can be used to simplify data collection, creation of wall value stream maps and subsequent capture of these into eVSM

  1. First we design and print paper templates for data collection
  2. You walk the value stream and fill in the data templates
  3. The templates are used to create a wall map
  4. A digital picture of the wall map is brought into eVSM and traced over to do the capture

Here's a picture of data collection templates created with eVSM's "Quick Mfg" stencil. Its useful to print these at 2X scale for usage on wall maps

Value stream mapping and capture with eVSM software

Here's a picture of the eVSM screen after importing a simple wall map created using the paper templates and starting to trace over it. See Jon's related blog for step by step details on map import

Value stream map capture