Services from eVSM and our Partners

eVSM Mix - Expert eyes on your map

Your value stream map is a vehicle to give you a handle on the waste in your value stream and guide you towards the best improvements to help it support the business.

You can make the map “the best it can be” by speaking occasionally to the experts who have built the mapping engine you are using. Nobody knows the software better than us and nobody has more experience deploying it across hundreds of organizations.

Our sessions are fully confidential and are undertaken “one on one”. They are also highly affordable so you can get expert help when you need it.

Try us out. You can purchase a 45 minutes web conference with an eVSM expert for. Click below for pricing and to schedule.

Get More from your VSM Event!

We can join the event to provide expert map capture and analysis


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eVSM Mix - Remote and On-site training

Adults are know to learn best by doing. Our on-site and remote facilitated training sessions first teach the theory and then has the team create an actual value stream map that is important to your organization.

In this way people can see the benefits in productivity, “what-if” studies and improvement ideas on a map that’s important to them.

Email to set up a discussion on how on-site or remote training can accelerate mapping for your lean deployment and standardize how its done across the organization

Partner Services

Partners who are proficient in the software and provide a wider range of lean and 
continuous improvement services in different domains.