eVSM Mix in Action

Watch a mixed model value stream map being created from scratch!

Q & A on Mixed Model Value Stream Mapping

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Can I put each of my product demands on the map?

Yes, you can represent products explicitly on the map and enter their individual demand values. This makes it easy to change the mix and demand and see the impact on the value stream

Will I be able to show people easily how each product is made. Some of my routings vary?

Yes, its very visual. Mix color-codes every unique routing on the map and has a key that shows which products belong to which routing. 

How many products can you have?

The eVSM Mix map can handle 15 or so different routes. Each route can however have multiple products so the solution is quite scalable. The map should be as simple as you can make it. If products are very similar in routing and operational values, then think of them as the same for mapping purposes. If they take very little value stream resource because of low volumes than perhaps allocate some of the plant time for them but do not model explicitly. 

Is there a way to input variable C/O times per product?

Yes, you can enter a specific production sequence at an activity and then individual C/O times corresponding to that sequence. Its part of the EPEI add-on for an activity and allows planning of production batch size, production interval and some 'unused' time for unexpected events, TPM and improvements.

What if the same product has different routing options?

You can handle that via a Flow % variable on the arrows in the model that connect to the different routings. This would handle a situation for example where a percent of component is made in-house and a percent at an outside source.

How do you handle shared processes?

The system calculates the demand for each product through each process. You can also input product specific operational parameters (like Cycle Time) at the shared process where there is significant variation. 

How do you handle shared human resources?

You can explicitly model each resource pool and how much of it is used by each product passing through each activity. This leads to a resource balance chart plot that helps you see where the resource could be the bottleneck, where its wasted and where cross-training and layout opportunities can help reduce the resource needed.

Is there an easy way to convert a Quick eVSM map to a Quick Mix eVSM map?

Requires a re-draw of the map today.

I have an eVSM Base license. Is there any upgrade credit if I switch to Mix?

If the license(s) is on active maintenance, then a credit will be available for the remaining maintenance period.

What application areas are supported in eVSM Mix?

With the v11.13 release, the following Mix stencils are available:

  • Quick Mix Time
  • Quick Mix Manufacturing
  • Quick Mix Processing

The next stencil to be added in the coming weeks is Quick Mix Supply Network.

What Analyses is supported in the eVSM Mix stencils?

Please see the application specific tech sheets for an overview of analyses supported in each application.