eVSM v11.34 released

eVSM v11.34 is now available for download, with the following changes to note:

  • The eVSM Open dialog categories now match the categories on the eVSM help site. This should make it easier to find the application stencil you're looking for. Also, the search function has been modified to provide better results.
  • Solve now repairs sequence arrow glues when they're connected to a center, but not to the row tag shape.
  • The Map Copy dialog now allows you to copy only the selected centers, and lets you more easily specify where to copy to (same page, new page, other/new document)
  • Added a save counter for files, by default every 5 saves eVSM will prompt you to Clean your file, to prevent the file getting corrupted by Visio. You can turn this off or change the interval in eVSM's settiings dialog (any negatiive number turns it off)
  • Modified Icon Search to wait for the Search button to be clicked instead of auto-searching
  • Modified file save functions to work with the local OneDrive folder, when applicable
  • Various localization and other miscellaneous bugs