eVSM v11 Migration

The automated migration to the current version of v11 (from v9, v10, and older versions of v11) is pretty complete but not 100%. We recommend the following steps after migration:

  1. Look through the pre-migrated file after migration. You will see items which have not been migrated highlighted in blue. You will need to manually complete these items in your v11 map.
  2. All charts will need to be redrawn. Just drag out a fresh copy of the appropriate chart shape and re-plot.
  3. All pages in the migrated file revert to the Quick Time stencil. This is a bug. The workaround is to simply re-open the application stencils you need through the "Open" button in the eVSM toolbar.
  4. Some data shape visibility switch settings may have changed. You can reset these in the Views dialog box.
  5. The path filters on summaries and charts may be reverted to "P". You will need to change these back to the desired path numbers.
  6. On Quick Supply Network maps, the Operation tags and Path ID's should normally be hidden, but migration makes them visible. These are on separate Visio layers (called "TagLayer" and "PathList"). You can switch visibility of these layers Off from the Visio Home ribbon with the "Layers > Layer Properties..." dialog box.
  7. If gadgets have moved to the back, you can use the "Show Gadget Collection" in the gadget right-mouse menus to select all gadgets in a collection and then use the Visio "Bring to Front" function.
  8. A final check for your map is to try Solve and verify that the summaries and charts give similar results to your pre-migration map.

If you see any problems, please send your pre and post migration files to support@evsm.com.