eVSM Toolbar Missing

The eVSM toolbar looks like this.

If the toolbar is missing, then your eVSM session has not started properly and you will not be able to use any of the eVSM functions. In this event, please check ALL of the following.

1. Check that the eVSMIcons stencil is present in the stencil stack on the left or the right.

If a stencil labeled "eVSM vXXXX" is not open, then open it by clicking "More Shapes" and select "eVSMIcons".

2. Try Refreshing eVSM

Just place your cursor on the drawing page, click the right mouse button, and run the "Refresh eVSM" command.

3. Make sure Macros are Enabled

Macros must be allowed to run (ie. Enabled) to run eVSM. At eVSM start-up, you should be prompted to enable Macros. Be sure to click the Enable button.

If you do not see the macros prompt at start-up, then see https://evsm.com/visio-macro-settings

4. Check your license Status

You can check your eVSM license status through the Windows Start menus by clicking "Start>Programs>eVSm Software>About eVSM". This will open the About eVSM dialog which will show whther you are running a trial (with number of days left) or have a full license. If your trial has expired then you will not be able to continue running eVSM without activating your license with a purchased product key.


5. Make sure Visual Basic is Enabled and Available in Visio

Microsoft Visio Basic for Applications (VBA) must be available to run eVSM. You can verify it is installed and allowed to run by clicking the Alt+F11 keys together. If VBA is available then you should see a window like the following. If it does, then just close it and go on the next item. If you do not see the following window, then you will need to re-install Microsoft Visio make sure the VBA is also installed.

If VBA is missing you will see a message similar to below. In this event you will need to re-install Visio. Sometimes, it is possible to run the Visio Modify/Repair function in the Add/Remove Programs dialog the activate VBA.

6. Add the eVSM installation folder to the trusted locations in Visio

See how at: https://evsm.com/visio-trusted-locations 

7. Make sure Visio Automation Events are not switched off...

In the Visio "File" menu, click "Options>Advanced" and then make sure the Enable Automation Events checkbox is switched On.

8. If the above does Not resolve the problem...

Send the following screen captures to support@evsm.com

  1. Start eVSM and create screen captures of any messages that pop-up.
  2. In the Windows Start menus, click Start > Programs > eVSM Software > About eVSM... Capture the dialog box that is displayed.