20 Years of Learning to See

The eVSM software was first released in 2002, a few years after the book "Learning To See", as a means of capturing the wall value stream maps advocated by the book. Over the last 15 years it has gone through a significant transformation to fulfill its mission in serving the lean practitioner community.

  1. It's much easier and faster to use and is backed by an eLearning system so that you can learn what you want to, when you want to
  2. It provides strong "what-if" waste analysis capability and allows prioritization of improvement projects
  3. It provides analytical support for each value stream type (production, transactional, supply network)
  4. It has many lean tools in addition to its mapping capability. This makes it easier to develop the future state

The bottom line is that eVSM will help you get much more out of your VSM events.

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